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Pouring With Heart

Web Design & Build | Permissions Mgmt | Database | Domain Transfer | 301 Redirect Map

Pouring With Heart, the lauded Los Angeles restaurant group, approached me for a domain transfer and 301 redirect map in 2020 when they were merging all of their sites onto a single platform. They also needed several sites rebuilt while I was at it.

In 2021, I was happy to help them again when they wanted a site redesign and build. However, this time they wanted a site that could handle user profiles and permissions, as well as a database of classes available to the public and a library of resources for their internal teams. Since I would need to hand this off to folks who weren't web devs, I built this in Wix and made training videos for team members who'd be responsible for future edits. 

Pouring With Heart

Pouring With Heart's current site details their ethos, lists their 25 locations across three states, and hosts three databases managing internal and public-facing libraries. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 1.39.32 AM.png

Site Builds & Edits

Database & Permissions Management

The database had three goals: a library of content only available to subscribed members of the public, a series of properly linked job applications depending on state/location, and various files and documents for onboarding and organizing internal structures. I found a way to make sure safety and privacy was maintained without sacrificing ease-of-use  

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