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Kriete Truck Centers

Print | Social | Style Guide | Truck Wrap

I was excited for the opportunity to work with Kriete Truck Centers through the absolutely wonderful agency The Office of Experience (OX). Kriete's industry was one in which I didn't have previous knowledge, but OX's beautifully established branding made getting to know them a pleasure. 

Print & Digital Collateral

Most of the work I did for Kriete consisted of ads, including online, newspaper, and EDDM promotions. I also made templates of flyers and documents for in-house printing; these were built in PowerPoint to facilitate staff edits.


Truck Wrap

This full-color wrap for a 26 foot semi trailer and included the sides and rear door. My design goal was to meet Kriete's new, clean aesthetic while not leaving the wrap too empty, as well as showing how connected Kriete is to their state as a family-owned and -operated business.


Style Guide

While OX had already rebranded Kriete, the new look had to be successfully integrated with their past work and coherently laid out. I was happy to design the first iteration of their style guide, select pages of which are shown below. 

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