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Dirk's Terror Tavern

Branding | Print | Web | Illustration

Sherman Oaks is home to many of Hollywood's practical effects, costuming, and film production people. Artisanal Brewers Collective paired up with horror aficionado and long-time community leader Dirk Rogers to create a themed bar and film museum in the form of Dirk's Terror Tavern.

While niche design isn't my main focus, I made sure to find a brand that was both authentic enough for an expert like Dirk and fun and approachable enough for horror enthusiasts and rookies alike.

Branding & Logo


Logo & Colors

I was even more thorough than usual in finding this identity, as it had to hold up to the scrutiny of a community with a deep love for the genre. We settled on a hand-drawn, classic Hollywood cinema look.


Print Collateral

Primary resources for this location included crowler can labels and a themed menu.


This hand-drawn design features various characters and items from horror, sci-fi, and cult classic movies.

Dirk's Terror Tavern t shirt


I built the site in Wix, as we wanted to give Operations staff the ability to make their own, small edits.

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